What to do if customers and profits in your business are not increasing?

Did you know that there is one vital thing all your potential customers always do, no exception at all? This is it: They link your personality to the product or service you represent? The state you are in. Your moods. The emotion you radiate nonverbally. Your facial expression when you’re not talking. Customers perceive you … Read more

Self-Confidence – No Sales Funnel In The World Can Fix a Broken Self-Image

If you knew, that you are here for a wonderful worthwhile purpose, that you have come to gift the world with the spiritual gifts and talents which are your essence, would you ever abuse yourself again by agreeing that YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH?!? YOU ARE DIVINE. How does this statement feel to you? nonsense? ridiculous? … Read more

Prosperity starts in the soul with love and intention

The savviest strategy you can create in your business is the one, built on a foundation of frequency.A frequency of faith and love that is. Do not make the same mistake so many entrepreneurs do: learning fancy sales systems, building elaborate funnels on social media, but neglecting the importance of the inner mental-emotional state and … Read more