Self-Confidence – No Sales Funnel In The World Can Fix a Broken Self-Image

How Self-Confidence can boost your business twice!

If you knew, that you are here for a wonderful worthwhile purpose, that you have come to gift the world with the spiritual gifts and talents which are your essence, would you ever abuse yourself again by agreeing that YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH?!?

YOU ARE DIVINE. How does this statement feel to you?

  • nonsense? ridiculous?
  • possible but not real?
  • inexplicable?

Well, you have read about quantum physics, universal energy and you even know about the big-bang theory… You just do not believe in it?

This is exactly why you lack Confidence

Your beliefs. First, you make your beliefs, then your beliefs make you. On a mental level. And you have also other levels, a multi-dimensional being that you are… Think of yourself as a multi-layered cake,)) Ten layers.

One layer is the physical, the body, then comes the mind, and all the rest are different aspects of your soul. I am just trying to get very simple here. But stick with me. Clarity will come.

Soul? What is this? Here is according to the ” big bang” theory:

“Imagine if you are Divine Source (or God, or the Creator … ) and you are
everything. Since you are everything, you have no way of experiencing yourself,
because there is nothing that you are not. And so, Divine Source creates Souls:
unique, individuated expressions of itself. Souls contain some aspects of Divine
Source, but not all, of course. Divine Source is able to experience itself through
its creations, the Soul. The human.

As human souls, we can’t
create planets, or plants, or fish … our creation is more limited.
Our creative playground or canvas is our own human experience.”

You know, you are the creator of your own experiences. Business inclusive.

The problem is, that on a mental level you have been contaminated with toxic, stinky thinking.
About yourself, money, relationships, and your place in the world.

What does this all have to do with Confidence?

Confidence is a construct you create on a mental level. It is a bunch of beliefs grounded on repetitive emotional experiences while growing up in the current physical body.

This mental level affects all other layers in the “cake” that you are.

The belief of “I am not good enough” is an insult to your soul, which is part of the divine, which is more than enough.

You have chosen to believe that you are inferior, powerless, and a victim.

It is like, if there was a fly in one layer of the cake, it would spoil the whole thing and you wouldn’t eat from it anymore, would you?

Look at Confidence as a choice

When there is a rift in your soul construct, there is a leak of vital force energy:

“Vital force energy is the stuff of Creation itself. It is the energy that created each
of our Souls and is also the energy we access to create, to manifest.

Your soul can now access less vital force energy.
Precious energy leaks out of it. Because of the rift.
The choice you made to underestimate yourself was an insult to you on a soul level.

I am trying to explain in simple terms energetic phenomena here. Forgive me if it is not ideal.
What I got out of this information while I was training to do “soul realignment” was the following:

At our physical level of human experience, we align to our Divine nature through choice.

We can literally “be” the Divine in a body if we choose to.
Confidence is a choice.
It is a state of being where you feel like “being” the Divine in a body.

Why do I feel like I can’t choose confidence?

The choices you have been making for so long, your thinking habits, have become automatic.
You have identified with them. Your identity now is not of the “One” who is of a divine nature.
You think of yourself as and feel like a “Victim”.

Since lots of vital force energy is leaking out of you, you do not manifest your heart’s desires.
This fact only confirms your initial belief of: ” I can not. I am not capable. I am less than the others.” back to you. The old belief is now reinforced. The neuropathways in your brain have grown stronger.

This frequency and the beliefs about your abilities, success, and abundance reflect directly how you sell yourself. The mental block of insecurity “feels ” like you. You say: “This is me. I am insecure.” You are not aware of how the block is running you. Who would like to buy from you? Would you buy from yourself?

You are an energetic being. Every thought you have is a blueprint for your mind to manifest. You can not create abundance until you are energetically aligned with the feeling of it. If you feel worthless, you are not adding value to your work and it won’t sell. Not even with the best sales funnel and the most proven marketing strategies out there.

Uncovering the blocks and restrictions to your confidence

Uncovering blocks and restrictions to your individual experience of divine Confidence is the
most empowering work
you can do for yourself.

Once you become conscious of the insecurity, you take responsibility to dis-identify from it and realign to who you truly are on a soul level.

Soul realignment and Hypno-Regression are both methods I use to help you understand through which negative mental choices you might have restricted the vital force energy flow to yourself as the creator that you are.

These approaches are included in my signature mentorship program – my therapeutic work with clients just like you.

Awareness allows you to see what damaged your inborn confidence.
Taking responsibility allows you to realign to who you really are:
A divine being having a human experience. Not vice versa.

This is why it’s so very important that you do the work. I am only guiding you.
Only you can change yourself under the right guidance.

Confidence is yours for having. Claim it back. It is who you are on a soul level.
Powerful beyond measure. Because beyond any mental conditioning you are a creator.

A confident one.

Let’s get in touch

Have you already become aware for yourself that there is some inner inventory you need to make in order to upgrade your mindset and therefore your business?

You can reach out to me. Let us have a short get-acquainted call. I am willing to gift you 30 min of my time.

 Once I get to know your situation, we will come out with a plan about how you can finally get rid of the sticky limiting beliefs blocking you from the success you are.

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The problem of each business is the mindset of its owner. With a new mindset, old problems find a smooth and permanent resolution.

Only the people who act upon their decisions are making a choice. The rest is wishful thinking.

Until we meet again,


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