How to get more money? What to do if customers and profits in your business are not increasing?

I have one question for you… Do you know what to do if customers and profits in your business are not increasing? How to get more money?

Did you know that there is one vital thing all your potential customers always do, no exception at all? This is it: They link your personality to the product or service you represent?

The state you are in. Your moods. The emotion you radiate nonverbally. Your facial expression when you’re not talking.

Customers perceive you intuitively and unconsciously

Words make up only 7% of your communication. The rest is wordless and transmitted through the posture of the body, the tonality of the voice, the facial expressions, mimics, and gestures.

What you don’t say, but think about, impacts them faster and deeper than you assume.

What makes your client believe in your offer?

It is the impression you leave them with. Your personality. The mental-emotional state you are in at the moment of your meeting.

If you’re out of shape when you’re talking about your product, the person opposite you associates your condition with what you’re offering on the market, and something inside stops them from buying, they hesitate internally, thinking: ” it’s not what I want,” “it’s not for me.”

Conversely, if you are very confident and determined while presenting your product if you believe it to be good enough, then the customer begins to trust you, thinking “I can’t grasp it all quite yet, but I understand that this product is for me, it has the benefit I have been looking for so long.”

Have you ever been in situations like the above?

Think of situations where you’ve been in the emotional state of “scarcity.” No money, no time, no resources. When you sell from this vibration point, you think: “Now they have to buy. If I can’t sell, I’ve failed. If they don’t buy today, I don’t know how I’m going to cover the investment I’ve made.’

Or another example: You’re in a state of swirling self-doubt: “Will they show interest? Do you think they will hear me out? No one’s going to sign up again, I don’t have enough “likes”.’

And now think back for a moment, what were your results like when you were in this mental state?
Or are you still in there? And does it still feel like a sticky energy mess that you can’t get out of?

Is it stopping you every time from taking the steps, actions and moving your business to the next, higher level?

How to get more money? Your emotional state is what speeds up or stops your profit

And now the question that comes, is: What determines your emotional state?

Emotion is born of thought. Without thought, there can be no emotion. When the thought changes, so does the emotion.

The thoughts you agree with, become your beliefs. The sum of your beliefs is your identity, It is the answer to the question: “Who am I? What am I capable of? What am I deserving of?”

The “I am enough” belief gives you the emotion of confidence, inspired dedication, calm determination.

“I’m not enough” on the contrary: gives you the emotion of doubt, self-depreciation, tension, and indecision.

The limiting beliefs you can have are all different.

But they all always work together and in the same direction:

Stopping the flow of customers and profits into your business. What can you do?

  • realize that you have limiting beliefs
  • give up the habit of agreeing with them
  • take responsibility for being at the top of your game internally
  • be committed to working on your inner state before working on your business

The great Carl Jung has said it very accurately a long time ago: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”. What are your unconscious internal brakes? Until you recognize them, you can’t move freely on the way to your goals.

Carl Jung hit the nail on the head with this quote. Life is not a matter of accident or fate. We can be the master of our lives if we choose to be. If we choose to turn inwards.

You can’t possibly expand in sublime service to more and more customers when you are suffocating within yourself under the weight of your past trauma, childhood helplessness, and fear around how you will be judged and rejected for sharing your value with the world.

What can you do? Do hypnosis!

If the process of working on your personal limiting beliefs seems too difficult,
and you are tired of the continuous unsuccessful efforts,
or you have tried everything without success,

know, that you haven’t done it all, tried it all. You have not tried hypnosis yet, as the fastest way to personal transformation and identity change.

If today you are ready to take the key step towards the success of your business—“letting go of your limiting beliefs”—, let me know, sign up for a meeting with me, completely free of charge.

Click here to schedule a get-acquainted-call with me:

I’m going to get to know your particular situation, and together we will come up with a plan about how you can finally get rid of the sticky limiting beliefs: your mental-emotional-traps.

The problem of any business is the habit of thinking of its owner. This ceases to be a problem when you learn to manage your inner state and uproot the weeds in the garden of your subconscious mind.

More money, more clients, more sales? Only a new mindset resolves the old problems of stagnation and lack.

Let’s get in touch

Customers and profits come to fearless leaders. Ditch the “not-enoughness” script. Celebrate your true brilliance with a new mindset. Find a smooth and permanent resolution to old problems.

How to get more money? Are you ready for your mindset makeover?

Once you understand your psychological patterns and the negative effect these patterns have on your life, you can now make better life choices. This is a breakthrough!

Those patterns have kept you stuck from living the life and growing the business you have imagined.

Of course, your experiences and the way you coped with them will never disappear. They are part of your spiritual development. However, the coping mechanisms and false beliefs are no longer dictating who you become. Your authentic self is. The self that wants purpose and meaning in life.

Fight your fears to build the booming beautiful business you dream about.

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