‘2 days after our session I had an aha moment and realized I> was targeting the wrong market in the wrong way. Other than that I have been feeling lighter, more centered and peaceful. A sense of serenity. Thank you, Mira’
George Araman
Relationship Coach, 2020, Russia
Dear Mira, I can not thank you enough. I feel I am evolving speedily thanks to our session and your recording.I get to know myself better and better by the moment. I really feel like a new person. Thank you, Mira!’
Yael Gabinet
Marketing Expert, 2020, Israel
1. I feel very happy and balanced in general. For any arising situation that would put me off track I use Mira's techniques and it brings amazing result in any area of my life. It always amazes me! 2. Things were happening to me BEFORE, and NOW I'm becoming the creator of my life. I had a very positive attitude even before and the change I've been through absolutely over exceeded my expectations. I can only repeat myself, It always AMAZES ME! It is such a wonderful thing! 3. I would definitely recommend Mira to EVERYONE! Your everyday life will improve, you will be able to handle any negative emotions and lead yourself back to feeling great. Staying in such a positive emotional stage will guide you to achieve anything you dreamed of. 4. Just give it a go and experience the result!
Agnes Deckelmann
Fitness Instructor, 2015, Cyprus
On a personal level, the course has been a delightful experience of awakening and inspiring techniques. I can honestly say she is one of the best instructors I have ever had. She is pretty good at teaching, discussion and training. She was really dedicated and had a massive effect on my approach to many situations. That time and that instructor and that journey and those discoveries have had, and continue to have a huge influence on me. The course gave me an opportunity to explore my potential and to develop my self. I feel incredibly privileged to have taken part and to be part of her practice. Thank you for the wonderful and transformative experience as well as for the hard work and preparation!
Zhaneta Gatt-Petrova
Corporate Manager, 2016, Malta

We can make a plan of how you can acquire the success mindset your business needs. Immersed in day-to-day firefighting tasks, you probably don’t take the time to take a strategic look at your mental stumbling blocks: to realize the destructive habits and self sabotaging behaviours you have come to own and to get clear about the challenges that are holding you back. Or you just find it hard to overcome them on your own.

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