Interview with Mira

  1. Who do you work with?

    My clients are female entrepreneurs and small business owners who feel stuck and do not have the turnover and business growth they are aiming for. I help them fight their fears, remove their internal brakes and start moving freely and successfully towards their goals.

  2. What sets you apart from other hypnotherapists?

    The unique, result-oriented method for rapid transformation that I use, saves the client years spent in usual therapy. The RTT /Rapid Transformational Therapy/ method is based on the leading scientific principles of neuroplasticity which enable my clients to rapidly release subconscious resistance, accept the change, and move on with it sooner than expected.

    My motto is: ‘Get your mind power on your side beginning today.’

  3. What are your qualifications?

    I graduated from the HMI College of Hypnotherapy in 2013 and did my postgraduation RTT with Marisa Peer in 2018. So I have been in practice for 9 years today (2021).

  4. What is your method of work?

    I give individual online sessions within my 3-month signature program, based on the 3 pillars for achieving mega confidence, mature mindfulness, and money magnetism.

  5. Does your program work?

    Yes, it does. You can see what people say about it here.

  6. What if I can not be hypnotized?

    It is a myth. You can read more about it here.


Why RTT Hypnosis is so effective:

To reach your goal you need to acquire the identity of the person who can have that goal accomplished.

Your identity is the set of your beliefs.In order to change your beliefs, you need more than willpower and logic.

What happens in the session?

Regression makes the root cause of the issue visible to you

A long-standing thinking pattern gets interrupted

The new desired behavior gets coded in.

Reprogramming is reinforced via a tailor-made mp3 recording

 RTT raises your consciousness to a new level, thus creating a new personality.  A new personality creates a new personal reality. As you grow, your business grows with you.


Change is rapid

With regression, you gain instant awareness of a long-standing internal blockage and disidentify from it on the spot.

Change is all pervasive permanent

The change includes all levels of the mind. Once the subconscious accepts an idea, it remains there forever.

Saves you time and money

No need to go to therapy for months and years. No need to travel to a therapist's office. Therapy is received online.

It is made convenient

Therapy is received at the comfort of your home or office at your convenient time.