Switching out of Stress and into Expansion

How to Switching out of Stress and make all of this into expansion? Here you will find out…

In every teaching, in every culture, it is said that it is the space of divine alignment, groundedness, and inner peace, being in the flow that makes it possible to reach a goal, to make things happen, and to manifest.

In conclusion: the state of fight and flight is just counterproductive, isn’t it? Yet, it is a part of daily life experience. You will never completely eradicate that adrenalin response, as it is there to support you, keep you safe and help you respond to external stimuli.

And there are a lot of situations where this reptilian brain is running the show. In such a way, that it constricts us. It limits us. It keeps us small. Hidden.

The Stress Response keeps you Small

This is why all of the healing therapeutic work is aiming at regulating your frequency and releasing. In other words: the Fight-Flight-Freeze Response is a Limiter. A Stop. A Constriction. A Block. A Paralyzer.

For example, I need to do my tax. But then suddenly realize my kitchen needs urgent cleaning.
Or I want to plan that FB live and it takes me a week before I realize, that is not done yet.

Or I just simply can’t get enough food, never satiated. Nothing is enough. Cortisol running through my veins. Can’t reach muscular relaxation.

All of those behaviors might be supernatural, but are they leading you closer to your goal or rather away from it? BE aware. Am I in escapism right now?

Where you are not coming from flow, you are at compulsion, therefore in stress

That reveals that your underline experience is “not safe”. It is a command to your brain. I am not safe. A program, running on autopilot, chronically, for years. The stress response has become a default. You keep perceiving the environment as threatening.

You want to be able to chill and come back, looking for the dance:” Arousal- Relaxation “. “Overstimulation- Calming down”.

Deep grounding, changing your physical environment, shifting your focus, breathing—these are all tools.

How to switch from Stress into Expansion

How do you deal with it?

The first step is awareness.

Observe yourself: “I am having a stress response. I am in shallow breathing, My heart is palpitating. Where in my past I have chosen to believe I am threatened and by what? Where in my present am I still reacting like someone else, like some time ago?

No blame, no shame, no regrets. Just: “Okay, let’s chill. Let’s manage my nervous system right here right now”.

The second step is an interruption.

How do you interrupt the stress response? Through governing your internal world. To transition into the flow you have to, in any given moment, be able to weave in the reality you want. To override the nervous system, giving it stress relief.

By conditioning, your internal world has been wired to keep you on the alert. What is this program inside of you, that commands “I am not safe”. Can you catch it?

Interruption is just a decision. The choice in action. “I am not going to put up with this. Because I am not a victim. And I have multiple choices on how to deal with this. I am not trapped by it. I can do something about it”.

The Power of Commanding Stress Away

The Power of Command. Every word you speak, every internal dialog must be acted upon by your mind.

Some days you will have life go your way, some days not. When is life happening? Every moment right now When is the right time to feel good. Isn’t it NOW?

You have got the most powerful tool: “The Command” to teach your nervous system to wind down. Use it: Command it: Say to yourself: “This is distressing but not dangerous. Divine love is in control and all is well”.

Here is an example of a lovely activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Building the foundation of command.

  • Close your eyes, get in touch with your body, place one hand on your heart. Breathing in, breathing out.
  • Start repeating silently in your mind: “This is distressing but not dangerous. Divine love is in control and all is well.”
  • Repeat. Repeating is giving your mind the signal that whatever the external stimuli might be, THERE SI NO LIFE THREAT. This will act as a tranquilizer. Watch your body muscles smoothening and your breathing going back to deep and even, as you keep repeating: “This is distressing but not dangerous. Divine love is in control and all is well.”

Your heart opens. Complete peace kicks in. All muscles relax. Keep repeating the command. Your mind always listens to you.

Feeling Good Now is The Way to Expansion

You want to feel good all the time. Harnessing the power of command. You can only do it from a place of a powerful decision.

Think to yourself: “When will the time come for me to feel good? То allow me this privilege? When do I get to feel good? When, if not now?! This is an Undeniable Foundation Decision. Sure, things are gonna happen, Things are gonna stress me out Where am I most effective from? From my flow, from my open heart.

Come back into your heart. That is where the most powerful connection with other humans happens. Even by selling and marketing. Work on feeling good. Do the small, low-effort internal work. That slow. gentle. consistent work is the Law of Command.

This is step three.
Incantation, Invocation. Calling in the desired response. Divine Command. Every day in every way

“I am receiving. I am healed. Every single cell in my being is being restored at this moment. I am grounded. Whole. I am perfect. Divine. All is well. I command it now. I command it now. Thank you.”

Observe where you are now: physical sensations, internal dialog, nervous system?

Can you notice? Don’t you feel good? Delicious? Relaxed. Glowing and saying YES! Chest full, inspired. Feel the lightness in your body. Expanded. In connection with the divine. With the energy from where it all starts.

This is how you make choices on a level of action. Chanting this, choosing it, over and over again.

You Command Yourself Out of Stress and Into Expansion

We all have been conditioned culturally, intergenerationally, socially, mentally, emotionally. You too have been conditioned: ” I am not enough, it is not safe for me to do this”. You have to create a new command now.

If there is a deeper trauma, you need to have a look at it.

Reaching to the divine allows you to step out of any conditioning. Becoming one with the divine eradicates former programming. Your ability to command is divine. To override and overwrite and trust your own power to connect to a higher power.

You do not need to believe in a specific construct of what a higher power is. Simply the energy and the high frequency, moment to moment, day by day, being safe with self and body, calling upon the divine frequency within yourself.

Creating an Expansive Daily Routine

I love waking up and the first thing in the morning reading a note on my bed table: ” I have divine intelligence that flows in and through me and all others, bringing in the perfect results all day, every day”.

These are the words like this beside my bed, then repeating them in the shower. I have it written down and laminated. Set as a background on my mobile phone. reminders everywhere my vision can reach.

Make your wish your command.

Get engaged with the cellular activation on a totally different level from your previous conditioning. Weave in a totally new suggestion: “Divine safety surrounds me everywhere I go”.

Overriding the concept of who I am and my place in the world and reaching out to the divine allows you to step from stress into expansion, from small and hidden to standing up and speaking your truth. To reach out and impact the people who you need to influence, the clients you need to serve. To gift the world with your mission, purpose, and legacy.

And it all starts within. Present Alignment goes into Physical Action. A strong internal state leads to strong physical action, which leads to strong outer results. Expansion IN results in an expansion OUT.

Ground yourself and choose Divine Command.


Reconditioning of your frequency. Elevation of your vibration.

Low effort, frequent, gentle, consistent commanding. This is exactly what hypnosis does. Reprogramming.

If you find it difficult to do on your own, reach out. Help is available here.

Until we meet again,


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