The 3 biggest fears that sabotage you from making more money

NR:1 Fear of not being good enough

Do you have fears that sabotage you from making more money?

I remember a client, who shared with me prior to her hypnosis session: “I think I avoid new things because I am shy. Every time I was being called on in class to answer a question or having too much attention directed towards me, I would cringe and back down.”

After hypnosis and the deep groundwork we did, it became clear to her: It was not shyness, but the perfectionism that made her put off important steps. She wanted, she had to be the best, and if she knew she wasn’t or couldn’t be, she’d avoid the desired action like the plague.

Have you had a similar experience as well? Like, when you love the idea of new initiations, but as soon as an opportunity presents itself, you’re the first one out the door? 

You’re not alone! In fact, I bet more people struggle with the fear of not being enough than it is visible to the eye.

The Sabotage of “I am not good enough.”How do you know you have this subconscious belief?

If you:

  • minimize your accomplishment, when complimented
  • are your own worst critic and
  • compare yourself to others only to find out how they are better than you
  • feel the worst when not the best
  • start things, but struggle to finish them
  • do not give yourself the time and space to improve
  • lack patience with your own progress
  • would rather quit doing something than feel worthless and helpless to accomplish it,

    then these are all signs you have been raised under the idea of always getting on your high horse about everything.

How to overcome the sabotage of thinking you are not good enough?

  • find the root cause of the fear.
    The better you understand the reason you feel inferior to others, the easier it will be for you to overcome it. You will then be conscious of the belief and ready to dis-own the fearful identity.
    The best results are usually achieved with hypnotic regression, bringing you back to the formative years of childhood. This is something I am uniquely equipped to do. To learn more, schedule a get-acquainted call with me.
  • expose yourself to the fear and act in spite of it.
    Successful people are not the ones who never fear, but the ones who push forward while fearing. Embracing difficult feelings usually diminishes their intensity, because you are in fact embracing your weakest part and thus becoming whole again. You are only as strong as your weakest link.
  • watch your self-talk.
    Do not allow for self-deprecating words and thoughts to pass unnoticed by you. When you catch one, tap yourself on the shoulder and say: “This is not me. I am choosing differently now.” Deliberately choose empowering words and repeat them over and over even if at first, they do not feel “true” to you. The mind learns through repetition.

NR:2 Fear of Rejection

Our need to belong and be accepted is rooted in human evolution. Thousands of years ago, it took an entire village to work together in order to survive in harsh conditions. Humans needed to be a part of a tribe to survive. If a person was socially rejected or kicked out of the village, they would die alone in the wild.

Although we do not live in dangerous environments anymore, our minds still associate rejection with death.

The reality is, rejection will not cause us death in this time and age. However, it still can bring forward feelings associated with the fear of dying. 

Similar to avoiding physical pain, humans would take any necessary measures to avoid the emotional pain associated with being rejected.

Even though rejection causes us pain and discomfort, it does not harm us physically. It is a temporary emotion that comes and goes. Teach your subconscious to take it this way. Schedule your get-acquainted call with me now.

How to overcome The Sabotage of Fear?

Look at rejections as opportunities

Whether you are rejected by an interviewer or a love interest, a new door is opened for you at the same time, leading you towards other opportunities. This means, for every rejection you experience, there is a redirection to a different opportunity yet unknown to you.

Whenever you face rejection, remind yourself, ‘I am not rejected, I am redirected to something greater.

Being rejected doesn’t mean you are not good enough. It simply means someone is just failing to see your value, appreciate it, or benefit from it. It also means that we can not see the big picture and you might be much better off doing something totally different and having even greater experience of success there. Have you thought about this from this point of view?

Be your own best friend and most loyal cheerleader

Do not beat yourself up when things do not work out as you have planned. Treat your Self kinder and with praises as if you are cheering a dear friend. What would you say to comfort a loved one in need? ” Do not take rejection personally, you have phenomenal coping skills, only good will come out of this situation. It is not about what you get, it is about who you become in the process….”

Rather than allowing negative self-talk to happen, talk to yourself using more compassionate, affirming messages such as:

  • “I have what it takes,
  • am stronger than I think,
  • did what I could back then, but now know better and will do differently.”

Refuse to let rejection define you

Do not let it in and feel “labeled” by it. Do not think: “It is because I am not enough.” Being rejected does not mean you are a failure. If one company turns your product down, do not think that you are incompetent. When one person rejects you, do not think that you are unlovable.  

Other people’s opinions and incidents do not define you. The only person who can define you is you alone. An effective way to do this is to praise yourself daily and boost your self-esteem. The higher self-esteem you have, the more resilience you will develop against rejection.

No one can ever reject you without your permission. Do not give that permission easily. If at all.

NR:3 Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is essentially a fear of shame. People who have a fear of failure are motivated to avoid failing not because they cannot manage the basic emotions of disappointment, anger, and frustration that accompany such experiences but because failing also makes them feel a deep SHAME.

  • What will the people significant to me think of me now?
  • This is not the first time I fail? I am an idiot. Shame on me. I really do not have what it takes.
  • It is obvious I should not have done it this way, but I did not…
  • I better avoid future opportunities, God forbid I feel such embarrassment again…
  • Can’t really see how I person like me could ever achieve that kind of success…
  • What if …( the worst possible scenario)

An inner dialog like that can sink a ship and destroy any business. If you doubt, you stay without.

What do these fears have to do with making money?

Such fears will:

  • prevent you from taking decisive action
  • make you appear insecure in the sales process
  • take away your peace of mind and disturb your sleep at night
  • cause addictions to help you ease the emotional pressure
  • lead you to experience failure in your business activity
  • make your every action weak because of insecurity
  • convince you to give up and stop long before succeeding
  • as you look at your failing efforts, you will get more and more convinced of your unworthiness, because it becomes like a self-fulfilling prophecy. “This is not for me. I can not do it. I tried, I failed. This is because this is not for me, because I can not do it”.

The most effective way to overcome fears forever

The most effective way to overcome fear once and for all is to reprogram the subconscious mind to work with you and not against you using Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), a complete solution-based treatment I learned from celebrity therapist Marisa Peer, who has over 30 years of working with people all over the world.

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) combines the most powerful aspects of hypnosis, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and more to help release your fears. It helps you go deep into your subconscious mind, access the root causes of issues you have been struggling with, and change the stories, words, and pictures in your mind.

RTT® can help you to overcome fear in 3 simple steps:

  1. Hypnosis is used to help you get into a trance-like state and guide you to explore where the fear of rejection comes from.
  2. Rewriting pictures and words in your mind associates rejection with empowering new beliefs.
  3. Making the new pictures and words familiar to your mind by repeating them to yourself every day and taking action is the key to your success. As a result, you begin to perceive yourself and things differently in your everyday life. 

Under my guidance and in hypnosis, you can replace negative, fear-associated pictures and words with ones that bring positive emotions such as happiness and fulfillment, related to achieving your goals. 

This way, your subconscious mind will start associating your ability to handle situations with safety and pleasure, and eventually, you will not be scared of rejection or failure, because you will feel enough.

Your actions then will be strong. Your self-worth will be high.

Money is the energy of high vibration. You will then be able to match it.

You will be bold, creative, and feel deserving to receive.

Your business will grow because you have grown. It is as simple as that. If you doubt it, you stay without it.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you though.

Let’s get in touch!

Have you already become aware for yourself that there is some inner inventory you need to make in order to upgrade your mindset and therefore your business?

You can reach out to me. Let us have a short get-acquainted call. I am willing to gift you 30 min of my time.

Once I get to know your situation, we will come out with a plan about how you can finally get rid of the sticky limiting beliefs blocking you from the success you are.

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