How To Have A Dream That Will Never Come True


We all want conditions and people in our lives to be a certain way. We all desire and want “things”. If you notice, what most people “dream about” or “wish for”, never materializes.

The fact is most people who have huge dreams are delusional.

Frustrated or full of doubts. Very dependant on the result, not willing to “release” the outcome, and surrender it to the Universe. Attached to a particular outcome and unable to feel happy without it. This is mainly what prevents desired manifestation from happening.

You are not “happy now”, you will be “happy” only after you get what you want. Now you are “unhappy”. Your dream is not manifesting. With this kind of vibration, your dream cannot manifest, cause frequencies do not match.

The root cause of this phenomenon is that your dreams, in these cases, are coming from the EGO and not from the Higher SELF. You are stuck in the subconscious programming of your “EGO”.

What does every entrepreneur dream about:

  • to feel strong, safe, and clear about their business and choices
  • act with diligence and absolute trust in their ability
  • to have clients waiting in a row for their high priced offers
  • the bank account to overflow

    If you have a dream too, look at the dream, the “what you want or desire”, and follow this checklist:
  • Why do you want this dream to manifest?
  • What feeling do you want to get from it, that you can not have right now?

The answer should be that you get nothing out of the dream coming true that you don’t already have now. A feeling. An energetic level of vibration. High frequency.

Is your dream coming from the small self, the “Ego” or from the Higher Self?

The small Self is full of conflicting beliefs, reasons why it is too hard, not possible, and unlikely to have your heart’s desires. You are needy, unhappy and a victim.

Check for yourself:

  • Does your dream make you feel secure; safe; in control; accepted; wanted; loved; affirmed; respected; admired; looked up to; needed; wanted; unique?
  • make you feel more separate and independent or more connected to others?
  • make you feel attached to “things” or certain people or conditions?
  • feel important or special?

These are all the wrong reasons. Only your EGO needs the above things.
The dreams that manifest are the ones that simply reveal who you truly are.

These dreams will always see others as equal to you in every way.
This dream will always see others are DIVINE.
These kinds of dreams are about OTHERS, not yourself.

With understanding and patience, see if your desires are coming mainly from the small self (EGO), or the Higher SELF.

Gently work on making your dreams come mostly from the Higher SELF, and you will attain an increase in your consciousness and awareness.

Your Internal Drama Sabotages Your “Dream Come True”

There is nothing wrong with having a dream, wanting things. Yet, if you want these things to save you from your internal drama, they won’t help you resolve it.

What is internal drama? Everything that you believe, which doesn’t make you feel good.

Your set of limiting beliefs is represented by your EGO. The identity you believe yourself to be.
The upheaval, suffering, internal discomfort.
Your Higher Self is the source of the divine within you. The light. The faith. The deep calm and neutrality.

The good news? Your beliefs are yours to change. And hypnotic regression makes it easy, instant, and profoundly deep. You gain the freedom and the power to reinvent yourself. To choose your new identity. This is where hypnotherapy really comes into place. Helping you change from the inside out.

The identity of the person who can have their dream

The identity of the person, who can have their dream. This is the person who thinks and acts as if they already have that desire manifested.

Someone, who does not have the internal brakes anymore. One of the most powerful ways to free yourself from internal drama is to heal the wounds of your childhood and embody a new frequency that matches the emotions of your dream.
This is a beautiful process that happens on a deep subconscious level. It is a change that will create your new Self, radiating peace and abundance. Without any attachment to a dream and outcome.

Your new high vibration will move you to show up, create and sell with ease and grace. This is when dreams begin to manifest.

In my signature program, this is exactly what we do: freeing you from your internal brakes. So you can manifest with joy and without attachment.

Does this sound interesting to you? Schedule a free zoom call with me in the days to come. Let us have a look at what is stopping you and why your dreams have not yet manifested.

Together, we will come up with a plan about how you can finally get rid of the stinky thinking that is keeping you where you are stuck.

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