How To Transform Your Business Results Working Smart, Not Hard!

You have had enough. Mediocre success, unsatisfactory turnover, lack of constant client flow.

So you have made your mind: It is time to own your power, expand your business and get prosperous by packaging up your work and serving your clients deeply.

All strategies are in place. You work hard, no day off and on weekends. But is this all there is to business growth?

Why working hard never works

Your outer results are mirroring your inner dialog. Familiar?
Yes, you radiate your beliefs by thinking, speaking, acting, or non-acting, even through your posture and always through the behaviors you choose.

The way you feel is like a signal, like your own trademark, a point of attraction within you, and in fact, it is energy.

Think of yourself as a walking magnet…You can only attract what you can match, emotionally speaking.

Working hard and having hard feelings will never bring about the results you are seeking:

  • shame in your Self-Image
  • pain of previous failure
  • scarcity in your money thinking
  • people-pleasing in your communication
  • discounting your services
  • freaking out about selling

With feelings and behaviors like that you can kiss your business goodbye!

What are the unconscious beliefs sustaining all those from above? Because the subconscious mind determines how you feel about anything. It stores all your beliefs.

What you feel, you radiate from you, and anyone can tell, even without you saying a word, whether you are in a good or bad mood, thinking about something unpleasant, have you noticed?

Your potential customers subconsciously read your energy. Your internal brakes stop them from buying. No matter how hard you work otherwise.

The beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind dictate your feelings and results

Have you noticed how you can not control a miserable feeling, can not push it away?
And this fact frustrates you even more. Makes you feel helpless and hopeless, takes your focus away from your creative work.

If you find it hard to feel good about your performance, interactions, financial results, and yourself as a whole, you must take time and dig deep. You must find out what the underlying beliefs are that give you those hard feelings.

Beliefs like:

  • People will not be interested in what I have to offer
  • The times we live in are hard for businesses like mine.
  • Money doesn’t come easily to me and when it does, it simply slips through my fingers again.
  • My age, my education is a disadvantage: I am too old, too young, not prepared well enough.

As long as the beliefs remain the same, the feelings will be the same.

It is NOT in your power to change your feelings.
The point is to look at the beliefs beneath and to alter them.
Your beliefs are yours to change.
The feelings that follow will then be different. This is Key.

Be smart. Change the beliefs that are not serving you well.

Your Focus is like a Magnet for Manifestation

What you think about, you bring around. One magnet attracts another because they are of the same magnetic nature.

Beliefs are also magnets for outcomes of the same nature. Limiting beliefs attract limitations. Beliefs of abundance can never bring any limitation to be experienced. It is by law.

When the focus of your attention is set on restricting beliefs, what you do not see happening is, that every cell, every unit of energy that you are, begins to vibrate at the frequency of the feeling, provoked by those beliefs.

You feel disappointment, you radiate disappointment. You give it out as a signal just like when you order pizza at the local restaurant.

This always happens. It happens 24 days 7 days of the week. Your cells can’t help but tune into the frequency suggested by the quality of your chosen thoughts. Your feeling mind then gets busy making things happen in a way that confirms your initial beliefs and gives you more of that disappointment. People, circumstances, and events never cease to disappoint you.

Your mind is set up like this: “If you focus on that, feel like that, this must be something you really like!”Your mind is set up to be an instrument in the hands of a creator. It is kind of responding to you with: “Your wish is my command.”

Are you with me? What is the conclusion here:

Never focus on a result which you do NOT want more of

You are not responsible for being triggered into a feeling of disappointment, but you are responsible for how long you will remain in it.

Because attraction happens 24/ 7, correct?
I can hear you saying: “It is easier said than done.” … Why is that?

Your limiting beliefs resist your desire to change them

Your beliefs have become your very strong identity

All beliefs are habituated thoughts. Everything that you have repeated for long enough got automated.

It was meant to make your life easier. But does it really serve you well? To stick to what is familiar?
Look at your results. They are a mirror of your habit of thinking. Of your beliefs.

You can never have new, different results with the old, same beliefs.

When you change your beliefs, you change your results.

It is a basic rule of the mind: “I must drive you closer towards everything familiar for you and away from the unfamiliar and new. In this way I ensure you do not get into danger and survive”.

It has been like that for ages for the sake of survival. Yeah…, but is it enough for you, to just survive? To get by, day by day, with the same old, same old difficult feelings?

Your mind doesn’t care if you are happy, it only cares to keep you alive. Yet, you want to not only be alive but also happy.

Therefore, you must take the lead. You must make new beliefs familiar to your mind. Beliefs that inspire, encourage and support your efforts.

For this reason, you need to delve into the subconscious. The best way to do that is to relax under good guidance and obtain a strong internal focus. To search for the root cause of your insufficient outcomes. What are the beliefs sustaining them? And then change those beliefs.

Just keep in mind:

Your limiting beliefs will resist your desire to change them

Because they have become familiar. A part of who you think you are. Part of your identity. You have merged, unified, and identified with them. So it feels that if you lose them, you lose yourself.

But if your beliefs make you a magnet for what you do not want, THEN: you WANT to change them.

As you change your beliefs and raise your emotional vibration, you begin to embody the frequency of prosperity. All underearners share a common trait: a high threshold for scarcity, shame, and struggle.

Sometimes you are not even aware of what specifically is limiting you, because beliefs are stored deep into the unconscious.

You are only aware of a conflict: One part of your mind says: “This is what I want to create. This is my intention.” and the other responds with a bad feeling: ” I do not feel safe to let that happen. I can’t have an outcome like that.” Conscious 12 % versus 88% unconscious.

The harder you try to change your ways, the harder you fail. Why? Because you try only with the 12 %. With willpower, which is namely that thing that is never there when you need it…And you are not aware of what holds the resistance of the 88 % in place…

Hypnosis turns you into a magnet for the outcomes you want

When you are awake, your consciousness is at ß-frequency of brain waves, which means the 12 % of your critical mind is active and not inclined to let you make any changes.

But when you begin relaxing you lower down your frequency to alpha and theta and there they are, the gates to your subconscious, your feeling mind are wide open. This is where hypnosis happens.

When you begin to relax, your mind frequency changes down and opens the gate to the subconscious mind, which only functions at that low vibrational frequency.
Once we gain access to the subconscious, we can shift layers, discover limiting beliefs, and code in new, beneficial ones.

How is this done?It is done in hypnosis.

In hypnosis, I am guiding you through imagery and direct mental commands, you just relax, listen and follow. So my skill to reprogram you is executed when you are relaxing at alpha or theta low brain frequency.

And this is the most interesting part. Imagine your mind like a superpowerful computer.
It currently works with the programs life has installed upon you so far.

And this is another interesting part: You may have the most intelligent, like most modern hardware, like the latest model, very high IQ, but if it operates on an outdated, outmoded old program, which doesn’t serve you well anymore: well, what is the point?!?

Reprogramming your subconscious mind can turn you into a magnet for the results you want

Remember this: Subconscious Reprogramming is the only way I know of, that changes personal vibration, attitudes, and life as a whole in a lasting manner.

To feel great you have to have great beliefs. When you feel great, you attract great things right back to yourself. This is the law.

More money, more power, more choice, more flow, more courage, more peace, more energy, more business, more joy? Not with the old habits of thinking. Mind Reprogramming Must Happen.

How can reprogramming happen? Well, this is what I am proud of having studied and practiced for more than 9 years now (in 2021).

Hypnosis is a long-standing, proven method for mind transformation.

It is a form of guided meditation with a strong, clear focus.

In the hypnosis session I often say something like that: “With your physical body so relaxed, your emotions calm, and your mind so open for the positive suggestions which are yours, you are now choosing your new “knowns”….”.This specific wording is commanding, instructing, directing your mind to replace the files within.

That is how the magic happens: When you change the way you think about things, the things that you think about, change as well”.

When you change your attitudes towards yourself, towards abundance, and what is possible for you, you change your motivation, your actions, and therefore your results. This is how you really become a magnet for what you want.

When you focus consistently, persistently on what makes you smile and feel good about it for long enough before you can see it, just because you believe in it, it can not help but show up for you. The whole universe unites to make things happen for you, to prove to you that really, truly, indeed, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

Work smart, not hard: replace your inner brakes with inner accelerators.

I am showing you the way and offering you the tool that can help you learn to focus on the things you want and strengthen your faith in yourself.

It never stops amazing me how people change before my eyes, when they come back to full awakening consciousness immediately after the session, smile and say: ” Well, I have never thought about this in that way, I never saw things differently, like I do now…”

This is why I really deeply love what I do. Helping people to change their energetic vibrations by changing their beliefs. In fact, it is all about assisting them in the business of change.

And then, of course, their business changes as well. LIKE attracts LIKE.

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