Prosperity starts in the soul with love and intention

The savviest strategy you can create in your business is the one, built on a foundation of frequency.
A frequency of faith and love that is.

Do not make the same mistake so many entrepreneurs do: learning fancy sales systems, building elaborate funnels on social media, but neglecting the importance of the inner mental-emotional state and then wondering where the heck their dream clients are.

The way you feel about yourself and money is the vibrational signature for the prosperity you seek.

If you are satisfied with who you are at the core of your being, you send a signal of well-being to the universe, which always says “Yes” and sends you more of the same, more of the initial input, more of what you are offering.

If you would like to understand this subject further listen to Esther Hicks on youtube. It is very important that you get THIS: Your inner dialog determines your outer experience.

You need to develop a loving, supporting, trustworthy relationship with yourself and money.

This is not a subject you had at school, I know. We all come to feel like victims at some point in our conditioning and upbringing. It is massively believed that self-criticism is supposed to be a great motivation for self-improvement, self-development.

Our parents: what did they know? What did they learn from their parents? “You must become somebody. Put an effort to make something out of yourself.”

What does this imply? Are you now being a nobody? Who do you need to become to earn love, respect, and appreciation? Every life is valuable, is a miracle, and a mystery at the same time. If you think about how an embryo is created, day by day for 9 months.

You have to change the course. Awareness is the first step. To take good care of yourself doesn’t only mean to indulge in good experiences like a massage, a holiday, a shopping day, a night out or you name it. All these are good approaches, but they will never be satisfying, never feel rewarding enough, if something else is missing.

To love yourself means to never be reproachful when you self-correct.

You learned to love yourself depending on how you were being loved. Were you celebrated in your family of origin?
If you weren’t, you can start today. It is never too late to have a happy childhood.
Choose your attitudes carefully instead of playing an old record, just because the old is more familiar. Replace with:

  • I am worthy and deserving
  • I no longer wait to be perfect in order to love myself
  • And I have patience in the process of developing myself
  • I am my own authority, best friend, and a cheerleader

“What about money? I hear you say.
Well. You learned your attitude to money by observing how your family dealt with it.
So today, you project money beliefs you have taken from others.
You can change those too.

Prosperity is in direct relationship to your familial and social conditioning.

Your ability to receive money goes far beyond self-worth and down to the heart of a belief.
Your beliefs create your money biography.

Until you make a conscious decision to love yourself and to rewire your thoughts about money at a deep level, prosperity will remain a wish.

For each limiting money belief, you discover, you want to adopt a new, empowering, rich belief.

  • I do not deserve money
  • Money is hard to make
  • I can’t handle more money
  • Who am I to charge that much
  • I do not know how to make more money
  • Wanting money makes me greedy, inappropriate
  • I have to sacrifice myself in some way to receive more money?

Replacing the above is rewriting your subconscious script about prosperity. It goes like that:

  • I deserve as much money as I desire
  • Money is easy to make and I receive it with grace
  • I handle money with love and wisdom
  • And I charge what I believe I am worth, my dream clients willingly and lovingly pay me my rates
  • I constantly learn new ways of making money
  • I receive money with ease without overcompensating with my energy or time

Impress the subconscious. Repetition is key.
Block the resentment, the fear, and poverty thinking.

Something needs to change before something changes

The truth is: Prosperity requires it: Change your identity, change your frequency. Change your attitude to yourself. Your beliefs too.
The habit of thinking leads to a habit of feeling, which determines the habit of action. This is the way. The only way. Change what you see in the mirror. Love what you see in the mirror. Most people I work with, find this the hardest at the beginning.

You and your relationship with yourself: In my signature 3-month-mentorship-program, we usually start from there, changing your original conditioning. The habit of demanding “from” and never giving “back” to yourself.
Step by step, with every next hypnotic regression, you gain awareness and change the blueprint, the attitude, your internal mindset about your worth, your value, your offering to the world. Real change, lasting and all-pervasive change only happens at a subconscious level.

Going deeper to the subconscious level, to your feeling mind can be very healing.

And the first step to prosperity is forgiveness.

To forgive yourself for allowing others to hurt you. To forgive others for hurting you. Overcoming regrets and resentments.

It is a topic that excites me a lot. To find your inner sense of self-worth and inner balance is always a turning point. It is the foundation of every therapy. The condition for every outward success- a journey, a process. It needs to get started and sustained. The good news is: you never go as far back as you used to be. This is why self-work is worth the effort.

I love myself. Every success begins here.

Relationship to Self is the first pillar in my signature mentorship program: Fight Your Fears and Build a Beautiful Booming Online Business. The second one is Money Magnetism. Learn more about it here:

Hypnosis helps you to birth a new reality in your mind. It allows healing and reprogramming.
A change of frequency is the inevitable outcome. And it comes sooner than one might think.

Prosperity, just like everything else is built from the inside out. And starts with a feeling.

What feelings do you identify with on a daily basis? Are they prosperous ones?
If not, we can do something about it. Reach out to me.

Until we meet again,


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