How does Internal Freedom determine Your Outer Results?

Internal freedom – the feeling of being tuned in and turned on at the frequency of joy. Just like when listening to your favorite music through a set of brand new stereo Dolby surround headphones. When was the last time you felt it? The last time you felt free from anxiety, frustration, harsh self-criticism, or the pain of past failures?

I am talking about the joy that comes when you are free to choose your state of mind. The freedom to choose “feeling good”.
Even without the headphones on. It happens when you finally break through all the mental mud that used to zap your joy. When you are liberated and free, like a newborn.

And when you sit down and start creating from a feeling like that, at a frequency like that: Goodness gracious! Your product, your service, your mission will be right on target, at the right time in the right place. And the rest of the world will profit, will benefit from who you truly are. A powerful creator.

For the entrepreneurs I work with, I have never met a client who wasn’t truly brilliant. That is not the issue. Unfortunately, talent and beauty do not guarantee success. Deliberate, passionate focused, and high-frequency action infused with a high dose of confidence is the secret formula.

It is an inside job. Clearing your doubts. Healing your money karma. Raising your value and frequency. Make it happen with ease and joy.

Freedom from the Past

Do you know the feeling of lightness that kicks in when:

your past is no longer aching and breaking you internally,

you no longer find yourself guilty for past action or non-action,

others are no longer to blame neither,

there is no regret for what you have given selflessly,

there is an appreciation for what you have received from life regardless of your expectations…..?

Freedom from Anxiety

Have you discovered the soothing feeling that comes back when:

there is no rush and no tension that you must perform, function, and deliver, no pressure to succeed, only the sweet expectation of it,

your shoulders finally slop down and away from your ears and stay there no matter what,

you see “comparing yourself to others” for what it really is: pure poison potion and stop drinking from it,

you give yourself permission to remain relaxed while in action,

the outside world is no longer threatening and you do not rely on any rescue coming from it neither,

you drop the long-standing habit of paralyzes through overanalyses and dare to take decisions and dare to move on with your life again…?

Freedom from Self-Blame, Self-Shame, and Self-Criticism

That warming feeling when:

your internal voice is no longer merciless and harshly critical and shows you compassion for a change

your attitude to yourself is one of gratefulness and appreciation

you no longer need to repeat old choices on autopilot because you have gained awareness

you are not afraid of challenges, rather keeping your eyes wide open for what is next…

Internal freedom – The Freedom of Self-Ownership

That wholesome feeling when you:

begin to readily give your love and never your heart, cause you are its only owner and it is all right this way,

  • feel like embracing the world while giving it permission to remain imperfect as it is,
  • are in the euphoria of being alive, happy by default,
  • humble, patient, and in faith, hopeful by default, in times when you are challenged,
  • grateful on purpose, deliberately,
  • make and take the time to remain grateful,
  • thrilled to walk around feeling grateful for what you have been gifted with….?

The feeling you get when you Self-Talk goes like this:

“Thank you that you like and approve of me, not “because of something” but “in spite of everything and

  • find me good enough just the way I am,
  • respect me and I feel it,
  • let me make the healthier choice every time around,
  • open my eyes for what I can not control and help me let go of it,
  • smile at me when you see me in the mirror,
  • make me choose humbleness over ego,
  • give me the courage to be honest, and kind at the same time and speak my mind and mean what I say.

Thank you for being my best friend. My biggest fan and cheerleader.

Do you remember the feeling of Self-Respect, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Appreciation?

Talking about the quiet well of good mood that makes you hum and buzz a favorite melody and makes others wonder: “What is wrong with you? Don’t you have problems?”

Feeling this way is what you deserve.

Feeling this way is your birthright. All babies feel like this: lightness, trust, and affection before they see a different example from the grown-ups around.

Once upon a time, before conditioning happened to you, you used to feel like that, don’t you remember?

Now, this type of feeling might have become a distant memory and you are skeptical about getting it back, aren’t you?

I am here to tell you: It is all possible. Your mind is willing, your body is capable of change. They just need some direction and consistent instruction.

You can restore and regain the joy of being alive. This is your purpose, mission, and task Nr.1. Like for all of us. To celebrate the light in the midst of darkness. To celebrate the wholesomeness, the existence of both: sunshine and shadow in a binary world.

Something needs to change before something changes

Your set of beiefs, your memories of past examples, your previous experiences, and the emotional impact they left upon you—-they are all a blueprint for the most powerful part of you, your subconscious mind. It acts on them day by day.

And you say: “Well, I have always been like that: shy, or sad or tempered or inferior…you name it. This is just who I am. This is me. “

WRONG. This is only your programming. You are not the programs running you. You are the computer.

But If today you have the same thoughts as you had yesterday, the same feelings and actions, or non-actions, where do you think you are headed? Like a computer that never gets an upgrade and update? Would you like to use a device like that?

In the awesome 3-months-programs I have put together, this is what we do. We change you step by step, building your sense of self-worth. You look at your “stuff” and change the meaning, then choose a different blueprint for who you are choosing to become.

You are not your past, rather, who you are choosing to be today.

Changing your identity is your right, your privilege, your responsibility, and your choice. It is also called free will.

In the 3-months-individual-programs we use hypnotic regression, which is an amazing and very powerful tool, which succeeds every time, no exception, every time gives us an “AHA” moment for you. Understanding is power. Once you see your mental program, you are no longer the program. Taking your identity out of the old program is what we do. This is liberation, freedom, new life.

Your new personality emerges after the 3months of working together. Your new personality creates a new personal reality. A different life experience that allows you to have “THIS FEELING”. The joy of being. The joy of being you.

The inclination to put those stereo Dolby surround headphones on your ears and go dancing.
Dance your dance and celebrate the fact that you are alive.

The frequency of joy is where your desired outcomes reside

And when you sit down and start creating from a feeling like that, at a frequency like that: Holy cow! Your product, your service, your mission will be right on target, at the right time in the right place. And the rest of the world will profit, will benefit from who you truly are. A creator. A god in a human form. Creating goods and exchanging them with other creators. And feeling joyful. Won’t that be awesome…

You might say I am a dreamer. But the transformations I have seen are real. Real people change the course of their life and the course of their business every day. Are you one of them? For sure. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.

We all change with time. The question is how much time your change will take you.

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